Since 2015, South Carolina has ranked #1 in domestic violence where intimate partner violence against women from men occurs at a rate twice the national average. In an attempt to curtail the number of domestic violence reoccurrences in the Upstate, GEAA, Inc. offers two domestic violence programs to both the perpetrator and victim:


Reflections (BIP) – Domestic Violence Program

GEAA’s Reflections program is a trauma-informed batterers’ intervention program suitable for perpetrators of domestic violence who are interested in learning how to end the cycle of intimate partner abuse. Participants are either voluntarily or court ordered to be enrolled in the program by a referral source only. The program is a total of twenty-six weeks of domestic violence education coupled with a substance abuse education course (four weeks long). Program sessions are gender specific which are held separately. Class sessions are two and a half hours long twice a week. All classes include a traumatic cognitive behavioral therapy component. Dr. Rosie Banks also provides individual cognitive behavioral sessions.
For more information contact Rosie Banks at rbanks@geaasc.org.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an ongoing trauma informed life skills training program offered to victims of domestic violence. Safe Haven will use the Reasoning & Rehabilitation II evidence based traumatic cognitive behavioral therapy curriculum together with various life skill topics to help redevelop character and self-esteem in women who have been victims of intimate partner abuse. This program is free of charge to any victim that would like to attend. Classes will be held on Fridays at various times and at an undisclosed location.